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Curriculum Resources


MongoDB 101: Non-Relational Databases for Beginners

A one hour lecture designed to be integrated into an introductory computer science course.1 Lesson

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Introduction to Modern Databases with MongoDB

A comprehensive course on MongoDB with hands-on labs, designed with modular lessons.22 Lessons


Querying in Non-Relational Databases

A deep dive into querying basic and complex data using MQL, with hands-on labs.4 Lessons


MongoDB Aggregation Framework

A deep dive into the functionality and uses of the MongoDB aggregation framework, with hands-on labs. 2 Lessons


MongoDB: A Developer Data Platform

An introduction to MongoDB Atlas and the developer data platform for beginners.3 Lessons

Additional Educator Resources


The Little Book of MongoDB

A booklet about MongoDB with code examples, perfect for those looking to quickly ramp up.


Recommended Reading List

A list of books suggested by MongoDB engineers for learning about document databases and distributed systems.


MongoDB Shell Cheat Sheet

A reference guide, complete with examples, of commonly used commands in the mongo Shell.


Using MongoDB with Python

A hands-on exercise to practice using MongoDB with Python, using the PyMongo driver.

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Student Resources

MongoDB offers resources and opportunities to prepare and empower students with in-demand skills and resume-worthy certifications.

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MongoDB Internships

Students gain valuable industry experience through projects that will be used by thousands of developers and organizations across the world. Share our internships today!
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Student Demo Applications

Inspire learners with code examples from applications developed by students. Explore what students have created today!
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