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MongoDB for Healthcare

FHIR Today, Interoperability Tomorrow
With The Right Data Platform


FHIR, interoperability, and the patient

With the advent of FHIR and the drive towards interoperability, we are closer to a future where episodic, intermittent care is replaced by a holistic view of the patient to promote life-long health. Choose MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas to help get you there.


How healthcare companies build competitive advantage with MongoDB


Share data, save lives, conquer costs. Modernize your data platform and embrace interoperability.

Go beyond HIPAA compliance

A drive for data sharing demands greater data responsibility. It’s time to go beyond mere HIPAA compliance.

Patient 360

Improve healthcare outcomes and customer experience with a longitudinal health record that follows patients for a lifetime, not just the last time they visited a clinic.

Big data to precision medicine

From sequencing genomes to personalized medicine, MongoDB is trusted by the world’s leading research institutes and pharmaceutical firms to power the data science behind tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs.

Connected health

There are already millions of connected health devices in use, from wearable heart rate monitors to connected glucose monitors. As that number reaches the billions, be ready for an explosion of data requiring real-time analysis.

The fastest way to build FHIR applications

MongoDB Atlas is the fastest way to build FHIR applications. Just ask Asymetrik, winners of the Department of Human and Health Service’s “Secure API Server Showdown” challenge.

Healthcare resources

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Success stories in healthcare

Healthcare companies partner with MongoDB to accelerate innovation, know their customers, and build a more interoperable future.

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